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Take Your Practice Outside

There are a lot of places that you can take your yoga practice, the portability is one of the great positives of yoga. A studio is great to be around similarly minded people, at home for all the convenience of not having to go anywhere, and outside are all great possibilities. You need to make sure the weather is going to cooperate, but going outside to practice yoga is an awesome thing to experience.

Why Go Outside

It is no secret that fresh air is great for you. You can use yoga to center and ground yourself, and doing so outside magnifies that effect. The outdoors also is also a big open space, so if your apartment is a little cramped outside is an option for individual practice. Some yoga classes are also offered outdoors, so check your local studio if you like to have the group feeling. Getting outside can also help you increase your vitamin D intake, just make sure you follow basic sun safety to avoid uncomfortable burns.

Things to Consider

Your number one consideration with practicing yoga outside is going to be the weather. The cold can be uncomfortable and can cause your muscles to be tight. Warming up is going to help out a lot, so put some extra movement at the beginning to get the blood flowing if it is a little chilly. If you are in a group class outdoors, your instructor should be leading a more thorough warmup when the temperature has dipped a little low. Too hot, and too sunny can also pose a problem. Staying hydrated can help with the heat, as well as finding a shady spot. Trees are great for this, and also help ground you as you practice. Sticking to the shade is also important when it comes to the health of your skin. Extended exposure to the sun can increase your risk of skin cancer. You should make sure to take precautions such as staying in the shade, wearing long-sleeved shirts, and sunscreen to reduce your risk.

What You Need

There really isn’t much extra that you need to go practice outside. If you need it in a studio, take it with you. In addition, you may need more weather appropriate clothes. This could mean yoga socks if it is cold, or a hat if it is extra sunny out. Like any yoga, make sure you have clothing that keeps you comfortable. You may also want a blanket so that you have more room off the ground than just your mat.

In conclusion, taking a trip outdoors to enjoy nature during your practice is highly recommended. Whether you go by yourself, for some solo practice, or find a class that practices outside occasionally, you should try it out. You need to make sure that the weather is in your favor, and plan accordingly. Other than some simple outerwear to make you more comfortable, there isn’t much extra equipment to give it a shot. It may be something that you find very enjoyable and come back to regularly.